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Get the Glass!

get the glass

Wow is the only word for this site/game… The site/game has produced for the California Milk Process Board. The game is based around d 3d styled board game. You have to help the Adachi Family traverse their there way to get “the glass” while trying not to be captured and thrown in milka-traz. This is a fantastic game the has got amazing visuals but does not skimp on functionality, ease of use and general fun. We have had hours of fun with this slick and addictive site.

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Gringo/ Absolute Vodka

Gringo - Absolute Vodka

Our friends Gringo have produced another visual feast for you this time it is for Absolute Vodka’s Ruby Red.

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N Design Studio

N Design Studio

N Design Studio is the personal portfolio/blog of Toronto based designer Nick La. The layout, color scheme and details of this site are truly amazing. The layout is very clean and easy to use..

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AU Navy Life Style

Navy Life Style

Navy Life Style is a recruitment site for the Australian Navy. It has graphics and interaction that would make the Sims jealous. You can follow people round there daily activates or just explore the ship yourself. There is also a world map showing where the boats travel to over the course of a year.

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